Alliance of the Steadfast: Who we are
First and foremost, this guild was created with the intention of running a helpful and  
productive community that would give ALL members (excluding new recruits on "trial"
period) the right to vote and run the guild democratically. We will strive to grow  and keep
this a fun, pleasant, and helpful environment, with strong leadership to handle all matters

As members of previous guilds, many founding members of Alliance of the Steadfast  
have encountered injustices that were either mishandled or ignored altogether by the  
guild's leadership. Some of us were just bored and wanted our generals to actually  
lead us in the game, not just have a title. Others got sick of our guilds degenerating  
into a generals' clique where only generals received help and where favoritism  
determined who was promoted, demoted, and disciplined.

That's why Officers in Alliance of the Steadfast are democratically elected by a majority
vote and assigned to specific duties/activities .There are regular elections for  
leadership positions to give officers the opportunity to step back and avoid burnout, and  
to give other members that desire a leadership position a chance to step up and lead.

As we grow, the guild will be evolving, so ideas, recommendations, suggestions and  
concerns are always welcome, and we will always keep all of our members informed.
This guild is about the needs, growth, respect, and fun for ALL its members. Unlike  
previous guilds we were in, we will not stand for injustice, intolerance, and maltreatment.
We will not leave members behind, no matter what your level and rank is.   

Loyal to our members and standing our ground, we are the Alliance of the Steadfast!
Answering the Call for Justice.