The allies of Steadfast! (links to alliance's pages will posted when available.)

  • Primal Fear
  • Genesis
  • Irishice Brothers in Arm
  • Lost Soul

If you would like to join alliances with us as an individual or guild, we strongly encourage you to contact
us VIA email. Read our alliance creed and fill out our "Join Us!" survey to be included in our raiding events
email,  as well as help us organize each other's players.

Alliance Treaty.

As an alliance, we adhere to this creed:

1. To treat each others players with respect, and work with the leading members of allied guilds, and to
not poach individual members of allied guilds.

2. To Help and include our fellow Alliances in instances whenever possible! Genuinely support each
other in whatever way we can.

3. Protect our Allies' name as we would our own!

4. To help our allies in collective efforts, including joining and assisting with large raids.

5. To answer the call for urgencies whenever possible, IE: filling in for missing players, including
defending our allies against PvP attacks!