The expansion: finally making some dreams come true!

Thanks to WoW creating a reliable in-game version that can work for all, our website calender will soon
become obsolete. We are hoping that WoW will also feature this in the Armory so that off-game members
can access  the in-game Calendar here as well . Until then, we will keep this Calender here for
convenience, and we will try to update it.

Now that we all have the in-game Calender,  there are a few standards of conduct that will still apply to
keep the organized and fair quality of the Guild:

Scheduled events made by the Officers and GM's will still prioritize over individual members scheduling
events. Meaning Captains will still be organizing, leading  and scheduling events based on member
needs. For example, if an individual soldier member created an event scheduled near or on the same
time/event a Captain has, you should choose to go Captains runs instead.  This is to assure that all
members needs are being met, and to keep the guild moving together as a whole.  If you need a specific
activity, talk to the Captains and GM's. We are here to help!

As the GM establishes the dynamics and demographics of how the calender works, this page will
continually be updated.