*Update 11/1/08: We now have Ventrilo covered for the next 3 months and website for another 2months!
Thank you all for the donations!*

Guild Comrades and Allies!  Help support our guild and website! Thanks to your donations,
we have had a paid server host for our vent. With your continued support we can maintain the site and  
ventrilo, as well as make needed improvements.

If you would like to make a donation towards the Ventrilo or our webhosting, please click the button at
the bottom of the page.  Money donated is pooled, and then used to pay for both the website and
ventrilo subscriptions.  We do not withdraw the money until members vote specifically for the funds to
be used.  

a) Current cost of Webhosting is: $12.95 per month
Website charges recur: every 16th of the month

b)Current cost of Ventrilo: $33.99 every 4 months
Ventrilo Subscription is up on:  November 5th
Current Donated Funds available:  $51.89

Suggested donations per member per month is: $ 1.00- $ 3.00, though any is appreciated!