What kind of Guild is Alliance of the Steadfast?

Right now, Alliance of the Steadfast is a casual leveling guild that is currently working towards playing
heroics, raiding more and playing PvP battles with guild comrades and allies.  We do a variety of activities
 ultimately we will become raiding guild  with scheduled events that members commit to [This is the
time to join before we have gear/key pre-reqs! Activity within the guild is always based on members
wants and needs decided at meetings. Our captains then organize both scheduled and spontaneous
runs based on these decisions.

What kind of players do you have?

Since we are an evolving guild, this will be changing over time.  Currently we have members of various
levels, ages, activity, WoW experience and talent. (
the majority of our members are lvl 70+) We put our
members as PEOPLE first, and as  WoW players second.  That being said, our guild is respectful, mature,
fluid, and progressive. Everything in the guild is decided by the members who work together positively-
and we are supportive of each other and guild progression.  We express clearly what we need and want
at meetings so they can be met (within reason.) If someone is left out for a raid or run and wanted to go-
second parties/runs are organized and/or scheduled. We focus on meeting members needs and not
leaving them out. While we all develop special friendships in the game, we nix cliques really quick.  We are
protective of our members. We don't talk about members behind their backs, and there is no officer chat

Do I have to sign on at certain times?

No, unless you committed to attending an event or want to be involved with raids. Most members will
probably consist of people over the age of 20, with full time jobs, full-time school, relationships and kids,
and therefore we don't expect our members to  show up online every single day, and play into the wee
hours of the morning. However,  if you become inactive for more than a month without prior notice, you
will be removed from the guild. Just drop us a line some time to prevent this.

At this time we notify members of major scheduled events by email as a convenience for everyone, and  
our  members who can not sign on within certain times,( IE: being in school or work during the day)  We
also have an event calender on the website that the captains will edit. We nixed the in-game calender
add-ons in the past for  these reasons and to prevent favoritism and members being left out.  We are
now working with the WoW in-game calendar, and by no means are a free-for-all  guild roster.  We
organize and lead our members.

Am I obligated to use add-ons?

While we expect you to do what you can to improve your toons and playing, we do not obligate anyone
to use ANY add-ons due to the past association of hacks.  (Two of our hunters experienced the Dire Maul
 hack from a keylogger! Please use your best discretion in downloading add-ons and do your research!)
The exception to this rule would be our Ventrilo voice-chat, however thats not an "add-on" nor a hacking
risk because we have a paid server.

Will Alliance of the Steadfast accept my alternate characters if my main ones are dedicated to other

No. We will accept lower level characters and lower level alts if your main playing toons are in our guild.
We are open to recruitment on a trial period with alts, but ultimately becoming an official member means
being committed to our guild first.

Due to recent events of some ex members being misleading and secretive with their intentions and
"pre-schooling" the guild only for the sake of leveling and not concerned with guild growth and
progression- our members voted to simply not accept players that will be split up with time and effort in
other guilds.

We also feel that those who had only alts in our guild in the past, lost most of the benefits of the guild.  It
also hampered those in the guild who wanted to be more active. We have very dedicated and honorable
members who are proud and supportive of each other and it's our initiative to protect members' efforts
and time.

You guys sound cool and kind of like us, can we merge or become allies?

Alliance of the Steadfast is open to and encourage people of our realm to unite with as allies!  If you are
interested in allying with us click

We will not be merging with any guilds for the sake and health of our guild system, and established
loyalty. We do not want to break the loyalty and commitment of other guilds either- Allying means one
GM generally has to step down, and that and half of a merged guild becomes discontent with the new
system and Leaders. Many people avoid joining guilds who are thinking about merging as well- so we
want to keep this as a promise to our members too.