Guild Bank

First and foremost, the guild bank is the creation of its members, therefore what happens with the
money and items donated will ultimately be decided by the members. Thanks to the generous donation
of our members, we've had our first guild bank slot within the first week of creating the guild! That says
a lot considering when we first started the guild, only a handful of members were moderate level!

Currently, no one has access to withdraw donated money (the GM does not touch the money either.)
What happens with the money will be decided by its members at meetings. At this time the money is
being put towards buying out remaining tabs.

The bank system supports gearing, events such as raids, leveling professions, fun events (such as
birthdays, holidays, and occasional raffle prizes).  We can not support helping individual members with
mount and repair money.  Members are expected to support their own repair and mount costs. Guild
gold is spent for the good of the whole guild, though any items may be used to improve individual toons
and their professions.

Occasional Raffles and Rolls  may be held for  Blue and Purple (Rare or Epic) donated items that are not
needed by guild members, and to hold fund raisers when needed.

The rules of the bank are as follows:

1. Access and Rights:
 All official members have FREE access to guild items. From tabs top to bottom:
(gear, mats 1, mats 2, consumables) Initiated members have access to withdraw 1,2,2,1 items per day,
Soldiers 2,3,3,2. Veteran soldiers and Officers 3,5,5,3.  Recruits can make money or item deposits, but do
not have access to remove items.
Items are for guild members only. This is to protect the time, dedication
and donations of loyal members. Abuse of this trust goes against the Guild Pledge and guild rules, and
individuals abusing the bank may have their privileges removed .  

2. Guidelines for deposits:  Try to make periodic donations in items and money to the
bank as you go along. Donate how much you are happy and comfortable with. Check the "INFO" tabs,
each tab has it's own list (refer to picture 2) Listed there will be items that members NEED and are asking
for. Feel free to deposit items that aren't listed as well.  Please avoid depositing "grey" items unless it has
a vendor value of at least ONE GOLD. If a grey item is deposited it will be immediately sold to a vendor
and the money will be deposited to the bank. The GM will remove items that have been sitting the bank
for a while. (Refer to rule number 4 for more details.)  Deposit blue, purple, or other very valuable items
in the *Rare and Epics" Tab.  Withdrawal from this tab is restricted from all members to prevent abuse
and selling of these items and in case there is competition for the item. All members have to do to receive
these items is ask the GM for  it and she will send it to you. If there is competition for the item, the GM
will simply have the members who want the item  to /roll for it.

3. Guidelines of Withdrawals:  Items in the guild bank are donation based, and are expected to go to
guild members only. Members may remove any item(s) they can use.  Members may not sell items
withdrawn from the bank. The only exception to this rule is that if you use mats to level a profession, and
decide to sell some of the items you've created. Our guild also supports the use of mats in the guild bank
for leveling professions, (please refer below for disenchanting
.) We ask that you make a decision to keep
the profession before removing the mats and donate some of the items crafted back into the bank
donate money – a donation in return is suggested, but not required. What you donate to the bank will
be entirely up to you. Mats will not be removed for sale by the GM (with exception to rare
.)  Cloth mats may NOT be removed to earn city rep for mounts!
Enchanting proffesionals: Items in the last two vertical rows may also be used for disenchanting if it will
level your
enchanting or provide guild members with enchants appropriate for their level. Removing
items beyond this for disenchanting may be considered abuse of  the guild bank.

4. Managing items in excess:   Do not add any items in the right two vertical rows of the
bank slots (refer to picture 1. below)  This will be the sole responsibility of the GM  to remove items in
excess or items that will not be used by members in the near future. This is to clear the bank of some
space and for the financial gain of the guild.  The GM will remove items that have been sitting in the bank
for a while, and the items in question for removal will be placed in the last two right vertical rows of each
bank tabs, so that members may have a chance to withdraw them if needed before being sold.  Before
the GM sells these items, she may ask those who can directly benefit from the item in question for
removal if they would like it. For example a level 21 staff with intellect stats has been sitting in the bank
for over a week – the GM will ask any appropriate class levels 15-25 that can benefit from a staff with
intellect stats if they want the item. If no one needs the item, it will be placed in the last two vertical slots
and will be sold to a vendor or auctioned off. The money made will be put directly back into the bank.   
Since the items in those slots are for sale and not needed by members, recruits may purchase them for at
least vendor value. Items in the last two vertical rows may also be used for
disenchanting  (please read
3. Guidelines of withdrawals"  before proceeding to do so.

Picture 1.  

Picture 2.