If you are interested in joining our guild, please take a moment to fill out this Questionnaire. Copy and  
   paste the following questions and email to:
gm@allianceofthesteadfast.com   ***Footnote below          

Name, Level, Class, and Build of Main Character(s)

     2. Name, Level, Class/Build of Alternate Character(s)

     3. Which of the listed characters are you interested in placing in Alliance of the Steadfast?

     4. Name or Nick-Name you would like to be called by guild members.

     5. Real Life Age and Birthday (birthday is for fun events, not required to answer)

     6. What time-frame on Sundays would you be available for a guild meeting where we
     discuss and vote? (meetings will be 1-2 times per month, and will include other  events
     other than Officer elections!)

     7. Are you currently in or have you ever been a member of a guild before?

     8. If so, which guild(s) and when?

     9. Why do/did you want to leave?

     10.  What is it that you look for in Guilds, what are your expectations, and why do you want to be           
      part of Alliance of the Steadfast?

     11. What time-frame during the week and/or weekends would you be playing regularly?

     12. If you would like, please take a moment to tell us more about yourself.

  ***Please note that the questions above are not just part of the recruitment process,
  but also a survey to see what kind of players are interested in our guild, and to help
  improve our guild for our members as well.  We can let you know from the get-go if
  this guild meets up to your expectations, so you can make an informed decision
  about joining.  Please refer to the "about us"  and  "FAQ's" page as well, and                                                      
 answer as honestly and as best as you can.***