** UPDATE: Our guild is evolving! Seeking competent lvl 70's! for future Officer Ranks! Join today!**

Alliance of the Steadfast, where Officer positions are earned through merit and the support of fellow
guild members in elections. Learning from the mistakes of previous guilds, positions of power in our
guild will hold great responsibility instead of just holding a title of "gm favorite!" Our officers are elected
by all official members.  Leaders will be held accountable for how they treat our members, and voices of
our fellow guild members will be heard!

At this time, level is not a real factor in ranking decisions (except for class leaders and generals where you
have to be lvl 70),  Terms of promotion is primarily based on time and involvement in the guild such as
friendliness, maturity, being a team player, helping and contributing to the guild. That does not mean
you have to kiss butt or bribe members with items and money! Contribute where and when you can, and
with what you feel comfortable and happy with. It really is about being part of the guild and doing your

There will be no secrets of how to "get in" and the GM  will be working closely with you and following
growth and talent of all our members, no matter what level they are at. (Members who breaks rules may
be demoted. Veteran members who break rules are demoted from vet status, therefore being ineligible
for officer positions until they earn Vet Status back.)

There are 6 member ranks: You must keep up with the definitions of your rank to prevent demotion.

-Recruit: new members start here (level does not matter). It is not considered a "rank" but a trial period.
This title means you have been personally invited by one of our guild members to join and try out our
guild. You may have responded to recruitment ad, or quested with one of our members who got to
know you and believe you have ability/desire to be the kind of member this guild promotes - kind,
helpful, and dedicated. This is the time where you are expected to show your promise for the guild, to be
accepted into the first rank, which is Initiate. The gm supervises the growth of recruits and will
recommend promotion to Initiate when the time comes. (estimated time frame in the trial period is 1

week- 1 month)

*Initiated Member: Welcomed Official member! If you have just been assigned this rank,
congratulations! You are now an official member of the guild! You've promised loyalty to the guild, and
are permitted to voting rights and now have access to guild bank items. At this rank, you have more
opportunity to further demonstrate talent and contribution. You are most likely participating in
dungeons, raids, pvp, assisting members on quests, etc. Helping others in a friendly and mature manner,
can speed up your promotion to Soldier.  This is the time to become well versed with the rules and
standards, and bank system. You must know about these to participate in the meetings efficiently
(estimated time in this rank is 1 weeks - 1 month)

**Soldier: Respected member of the guild!  Proven dedication for the guild, has potential for guild
growth and maintenance as well.  (Estimated time frame in this rank is variable because promotion to
Veteran-Soldier means the GM'S are confident you are captain ready and will make the definitions of Vet
Member. 1 weeks- 2+ months)

***Veteran Soldier: An Honored member of the guild. This member has proven dedication for the guild
growth and maintenance (meaning, being consistently involved in helping and assisting members in a
mature and friendly manner, has been participating in voting and getting involved in activities while
online. This member has significant WoW/guild experience. Vet members must know and update
themselves about guild rules, standards and activities to appropriately lead newer members. Only
Veteran Soldiers and above can be nominees for officer positions- but all official members get to vote for

Officer Ranks:  Elected monthly. As promised, this is to give our Vet Members who take on officer duties
a break,  and refresh the position with others who have the desire to lead. We ask that when vet
members take on these roles, that they do the best they can until their term expires, and simply
mention they need a break or time off for the next election. When your term expires in any officer rank,
you automatically are promoted back to "vet" member unless you were elected back into officer duty.

(Officer Rank: LvL 30+ suggested)

Field Captain: Our activity/instance organizers: (one per 15 accounts) Any vet member is eligible for this
position. We assign one Field captain position per fifteen accounts in our guild. Captains are our on-field
leaders for general game activity, 5-10 man instances, etc. The Field Captain  shall research dungeons,
quests, locations and strategy, and work with their party/raid in a positive and constructive manner.
(Please nominate members that show healthy and productive leadership skills-as this is required to keep
the position.  It is a crucial officer position that directly influences member's experience on WoW,
especially for those who are leveling and upcoming 70's. Our past captains have graciously organized
events, quest parties, raids, etc- based on the wants/needs of the guild members they are leading and
organizing - and we would like our future captains to do so as well!)

Recruitment Captain:  *update: this ranks' description is now being handled by our GM and AGM.*Our
Guild Ambassadors: Recruitment officers are the face of our guild. They will be actively recruiting new
people interested in our guild, refer them to the website and GM for integration. Please leave
advertisement in trade channel to our Ambassadors! We would like to keep good recruitment quality and
avoid harrassing the same people over and over again for recruitment.

*****Class leaders: (LvL 70+): Is a guild electable position however eligibility for this position means
being LvL 70 and at least be a well received captain once in our guild. You must be confident and
competent with your class and leadership, have played all three specs in your class and understand how
to play with and instruct others as well. Class leaders will provide workshops and preparation about their
class for raids and activities. Currently Sunday evenings are reserved for workshops and meetings.

******Raiding General:  (Lvl 70+) When our guild reaches the point where we are ready for 25 man raids,
we will be electing and assigning raiding generals. Those eligible for this position must be very
knowledgeable with the game, and have experience being our captains. We are seeking more players for
our guild that are experienced to compete for this position, HOWEVER, you must earn your way up
through the ranks just as anyone else, be a well received field captain at least once and prove good
leadership through 10 man raids. Remember good leadership isn't just about game competence but how
you treat our players! Like "General Managers," this position requires strong  leadership skills, healthy
conflict-resolution skills, long-term and well-rounded WoW experience, etc. RG will have a jack-of-all
trades talent, probably multiple level 70 toons, must be sharp, able to multi-task and communicate well.
There will be only one general to start unless we gain enough players and activity that require two. Yes
our prereqs for this is very meticulous but we want the best chances for success in raids, so we will be
choosing our nominees wisely and encourage and be open about our wants and needs as always.
Raiding generals will use information provided by members, to advise captains, class leaders, GM, etc.
Raiding Generals will provide workshops to help with strategy and preparation for raids. Currently
Sunday evenings are reserved for workshops and meetings.

*******GM assistant: Assists the GM. Second-in-command. Acts under the guidance of
Officers. Responsible for the guild's political process (organizing votes, etc).

********Guild Master: Enforces rules of the guild, oversees entire guild. Commander in-Chief. Handle
social relations, concerns and conflicts as well.

(Future Positions in consideration for advanced LvL 70 guild: Sponsers)