1. Don't be a Dick-head.

2. See #1.

3. No racist, sexist, or homophobic comments.


5. Report problems to the Assistant GM or GM.

6. Help your fellow guildies in whatever way you can.

7. Check the guild website and forums regularly to be updated with events and changes in the guild!

8. HAVE FUN!!!

These are thy 8 commandments. Not 7, nor 6, not 5, 3, or 10, but 8. Thou shalt do thy best to
follow these commandments lest ye bring the wrath of thy GM unto thyself and condemn thee to
the misery of eternal fire!  

Ventrilo update: all the rules that apply here apply in Ventrilo chat as well. The steadfast are positive and
encouraging! There has been no cursing in guild chat and we'd like to keep it that way on Vent as
well. Be mindful of the various age groups and backgrounds of our members.
- Ross