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Alliance of the Steadfast reaches it's one year anniversary!

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Congratulations to the Alliance of the Steadfast - we reached our one year anniversary! Today marks a very a meaningful turning point for our guild.

One year ago today Alliance of the Steadfast started with our first low level characters (many of who came from poorly led guilds) and have successfully transitioned from an organized casual leveling guild, to an organized early raiding guild. The founders of the guild who stuck to their guns can finally see their hard work pay off and we have proven that casual leveling guilds CAN raid!

We may have started levelling casually, but not with casual leadership. Real hard work was put into keeping the guild together and thanks to our steadfast members, we made it happen.  The leadership of the guild has focused on progression, organization, fair and democratic methods of handling the guild and its members.   

Alliance of the Steadfast does a variety of activities: PvE instances, battles grounds, PvP arenas, levelling alts, and fun events, because members may not want to raid exclusively. Honorable, respectful, and committed players have always been a priority in the guild of the steadfast BEFORE competent playing.

Many of the members, friends and allies are excited to see the guild continue to grow and have been continually offering support. Continue to have fun Alliance of the Steadfast! Keep up your positive outlook of enjoying and taking your time together on journey to end-game, not just reaching it! This has been your key in success!

Loyal to our members, and standing our ground, we are, the ALLIANCE OF THE STEADFAST!


Testing comments- working.

Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday dear Steadfast...
Happy birthday to YOU!


Congratulations guys on a successful WoW Guild :)

Lol, our anniversary is november 28th, not october. We knew this prior, yet somehow got confused, lol.

Very sorry guys!

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