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December 17, 2008

Alliance of the Steadfast Defeat Most Dangerous Boss in Warcraft

At 1 a.m. game time, Maiz, Tabu, Tallywhacker, Mentat, and Mujahadeen killed the most dangerous and difficult boss in Warcraft! His name is Loken and he resides in the Halls of Lightning, a 78-80 dungeon. Special thanks goes to Tabu for explaining and coordinating the fight. Stanjazz has organized a run for Halls of Lightning tonight at 9 p.m. game time, so please check your calendars.

This bodes well for our future raiding in 10 and 25-man dungeons.



December 05, 2008

Congratulations Stanjazz!!

At our members meeting on November 30, Stanjazz was nominated by many members to be our captain for the month, responsible for organizing at least 2 dungeon runs a week for our members. Please let him know which ones you'd like to do, and when. If you don't see him in-game, please put up a post in the forum.

 Congratulations Stanjazz!