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November 11, 2008

All Hail Our Tournament Champion - Tallywhacker!

Tallywhacker went undefeated in our tournament and won the championship! After a long match Cryingfish triumphed over Mujahadeen and won second place. The first round of matches were between:

Bazookajenn vs Tallywhacker

Barancus vs Lyll

Barbarosia vs Tallywhacker

Barancus and Tallywhacker made it to the next round of matches where they competed with the victors of last week's matches to enter the final match that would determine who would be the champion:

Tallywhacker vs Barancus

Cryingfish vs Mujahadeen

The final battle was between Cryingfish and Tallywhacker. After Tallywhacker's victory, Ruiea gave him a challenge: defeat her (a restoration druid) in under one minute! Tallywhacker unleashed his pet Mudflap and accomplished his mission in under 30 seconds!

Congratulations to Tallywhacker and all tournament contestants! We will hold the next tournament in two months time, so be ready!!

Coming soon: video clips of the battles.

November 05, 2008

PvP Tournament!

Tonight the Alliance of the Steadfast held its first PvP duel Tournament, an idea for a fun event and PVP practice inspired by vet member and this month's captain Coolhealyguy.

LvL 70 Contestants were:

Himeros Vs. Fish,

Stan Vs.Muj,

Healy Vs. Dirtyorc

Aneld Vs. Nukeem.

There was also Skirmish battle between pickle and pickleshelper, which pickle had won :)

The battles were all well fought and impressive. Due to urgent events with the GMs, the final round of this PvP tournament has been postponed to be concluded next Sunday. The Champions who made the final round to earn the sole title of Guild PvP Champ next week is Cryingfish, Mujahadeen, Coolhealyguy and Aneldrys.

The GM urges all to join next sunday to watch this historical tournament, as well as to see additional battles for the folks who coudlnt make it!

In the meantime, enjoy this clip of the tonight's battle :)

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Right-click the movie, select Zoom, and click Full Screen for the best quality