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October 29, 2008

Our First ZA Run Also a Success

Our first Zul'Aman run last night was also a big success. In 3-4 hours we beat every boss except the last one. We'll be trying again tonight at 8pm game time.

October 28, 2008

Alliance of the Steadfast reaches it's one year anniversary!

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Congratulations to the Alliance of the Steadfast - we reached our one year anniversary! Today marks a very a meaningful turning point for our guild.

One year ago today Alliance of the Steadfast started with our first low level characters (many of who came from poorly led guilds) and have successfully transitioned from an organized casual leveling guild, to an organized early raiding guild. The founders of the guild who stuck to their guns can finally see their hard work pay off and we have proven that casual leveling guilds CAN raid!

We may have started levelling casually, but not with casual leadership. Real hard work was put into keeping the guild together and thanks to our steadfast members, we made it happen.  The leadership of the guild has focused on progression, organization, fair and democratic methods of handling the guild and its members.   

Alliance of the Steadfast does a variety of activities: PvE instances, battles grounds, PvP arenas, levelling alts, and fun events, because members may not want to raid exclusively. Honorable, respectful, and committed players have always been a priority in the guild of the steadfast BEFORE competent playing.

Many of the members, friends and allies are excited to see the guild continue to grow and have been continually offering support. Continue to have fun Alliance of the Steadfast! Keep up your positive outlook of enjoying and taking your time together on journey to end-game, not just reaching it! This has been your key in success!

Loyal to our members, and standing our ground, we are, the ALLIANCE OF THE STEADFAST!

October 23, 2008

Our First Kara Run a Smashing Success!

Last night, our guild attempted to do Karazhan for the first time, and it was a smashing success!! We killed 4 bosses in the space of 2.5 hours with only 2 wipes!

We will be doing Kara again tonight (Thurs) at 6pm game time - all 70s and anyone level 68+ is welcome to join.

Special thanks to Jacobjazz, Sarahz, and Evilguru for helping us last night.

October 21, 2008

Our New Guild Movie

Thank you to all those in the guild who made our front page movie production possible! About the movie: We wanted to create a movie for our existing and future members alike, to show what the guild is about, its history and the inspiration behind creating it.

We at the Alliance of the steadfast recognize that the World of Warcraft may in fact "just" be a "game" but also realize that real people are behind those avatars making real commitment, taking time and effort and putting in a lot of heart to build our guild.

Thank you all for making our guild as great as it is. I couldn't be any prouder. Through  everything we have persevered because - loyal to our members, and standing our ground, we are the Alliance of the Steadfast!

And special thanks to Ruiea, our GM, who has put in so much hard work building the guild, our awesome website, and our guild movie!

October 17, 2008

We Joined Our Allies in Lost Soul to Slay Murmur in Shadow Labs!

Watch Killing Murmur in Shadow Labs in Game Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

October 12, 2008

Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to Healy, who has been promoted to Veteran soldier!. An honored member of the guild, Healy has been showing us potential for leadership and genuine efforts towards guild growth and maintenance! He's been an awesome team player in dungeons as well as leading, showing kindness and concern for groups he's in, and has matured into an awesome tankadin as well.  Healy has been an active contributer to the forums and has been updating himself regularly. These are model examples of what Veteran soldiers and Soldiers alike should be doing to be promoted and maintaining their Ranks. Again, congrats Healy, looking forward to seeing you become a captain someday!

October 10, 2008

Change Gon' Come

A change is gon' come, and we're not talking about the election! Big changes are coming to World of Warcraft in the weeks prior to the release of the Wrath of the Lich King on November 13.

We're probably looking at an early to mid October release with patch 3.0. which will make many but not all of the big changes to the game.
Here is an incomplete set of patch notes. These are some of the most important changes in the game, many of which will come mid October before WotLK:

· A totally revamped
talent tree and mandatory (free) respec
Death knights
·  New racial abilities
·  10-man versions of all 25-man dungeons
Inscription and glyphs,
·  A new vehicle system,
·  Destructible buildings in new BGs:
Wintergrasp and Strand of the Ancients
·  Combined +heal and +dmg into “spell power,”
·  Combined physical and spell versions of crit, haste and hit
·  Homogenized and redundant buffs and abilities

Given these changes, the guy who wrote the
blogpost on which much of this email is based
recommends the following courses of action to prepare for the 3.0 patch:

·  Level your alts, if you want options for leveling to 80.
·  Reserve your death knight’s name with a level 1 character and delete it once WotLK comes out.
·  Stockpile low level herbs for leveling inscription or profiting off the mad rush to 375 when 3.0 comes
·  Sell all of your mats and items that will become defunct.
·     Spend all your heroic badges on epic gems and sell them before they are worthless.
·     Sell all your scryer signets and your aldor marks.
·     Sell all your excess primals and enchanting materials.
·  Get your epic flying mounts, because you don’t want to be doing Storm Peaks or Icecrown with 60%
·  Start making plans for rerolling or respeccing if your class or spec has major weaknesses.

How the changes will impact our guild remains to be seen. One plus is that all the raiding guilds on our server will be levelling guilds once more, and we have an opportunity to catch up to them, both in terms of how many members we have and in terms of how geared and skilled we are. Many people who became bored at level 70 will return to the game to hit 80, and the fact that all dungeons will have 10-man versions will make them more accessible to casual players who don't have the time to dedicate to hardcore 25-man raiding guilds.