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Alliance of the Steadfast Kills First Raid Boss in Wrath

Congrats to Tallywhacker, Mujahadeen, Ateed, Mentat, Veleria, and Mujahadeen on Monday for defeating our first raid boss, Archavon, on 10 man normal difficulty!

He is difficult to get to, because we can only fight him when the Alliance controls Wintergrasp Fortress. The side that currently controls the area only gets a portal in Dalaran 5 minutes before it starts, while the side that does not control it gets the portal indefinitely.
Battles start every 2 and a half hours and last 30 minutes at the longest. Even though it is difficult to get to, Archavon is an easy boss to kill and he drops epic gear. When we killed him, he dropped cloth gear, which unfortunately no one could use.

Downing him once a week will help our 80s gear up for Naxxramas and the rest of the endgame raids. Let's keep it up!

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