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Pcklshelper's Machinima in the Works


Our very own Pcklshelper has begun production of an as-of-yet unnamed machinima project starring himself, Wachan of <Crimson Knights> and your favorite Dwarf hunter (that would be me, if your rhetoric filter is being cleaned today), but he needs your help! If you would like to take part in the new film, message me or PC in-game and we will try to give you a job! Be prepared to make an alt, wear ridiculous costumes, do the same thing at least 3 times, and take orders from a man half your height. Also, the script is very flexible (being nearly nonexistant) so any suggestions as to minor details of the plot are welcome.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Gielnor Cruise


Yea what he said..
Currently were looking for a NE wizzard... anyone want to play the part...

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